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You may be asking... 

Why do I do this?  To help people learn!
What is in it for you? All the learning!
What does it cost? Nothing!
What would I like to happen with this web site?   Interacting on my sites change the algorithm on search engines and make the site more visible to everyone on the internet. The more you comment or watch, the more this site becomes searchable on Google. The more people I reach, the better I feel. 😊
Please join my YouTube channel, follow on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Comment and enjoy!  

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Hospital to Home Explained Simply

Healthcare is moving so fast that it is hard to keep up. All of a sudden you are in the hospital, and you do not know what is going on. Who are these people? What does CBC mean? What is a CT scan? How long will that take? Will it hurt?  
On this site I will explain all of it to you in normal everyday language.
From your choice of going to the ER or to Urgent Care. The discharge process. Tests, diagnosis and everything in between and more.
A one stop shop to explain it all, in a way that everyone can understand. 


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What is Healthcare ABC?

Imagine that you have been healthy your entire life and then all of a sudden you find yourself in an emergency room. It can be very scary. It can be very confusing. The hospital is a totally different world. Most people have a hard time finding their way walking around the hospital let alone understanding what is going on inside of the hospital.

So many of my patients tell me that they have no idea of what is going on, and they are scared. Scared of their illness. Scared of losing control over their life. Scared about what is going to happen next.


My name is Dr. Melanie Enderwick. I work in the clinic, and I work in the hospital. I have been board-certified in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Wound Care for many years. I have been a doctor since 2007. I have worked in both the United States and Canada.

If you see my name written it will look like this:

Dr. Melanie Enderwick, MD, FACP, CWSP, FRCPC

What do all those letters mean after my name? Lots of doctors have those written after their names. How does one even become a doctor? Why should I trust this doctor? What to specialists actually do? What was that diagnosis again? What is this medicine for? Should my poo really look like that? What is a "provider"?


At Healthcare ABC, I will explain all of these questions and more. I will make the hospital a place that you will understand. I will explain all of the things that sometimes you feel shy to ask about. If everybody else around you can understand what is going on, you should too.


Take some time to look at videos that might apply to your situation or the write ups I have in the blog section. Look at list of common abbreviations, feel free to print them out if you need.

Have you been my patient?

Would you like to tell me how I did, so others can have a sense of my practice?
Send me a message and I will post it here, with your permission.

Pamela from Nova Scotia

Always listens to my issues. She is very caring and makes me feel important.  Explains things in a way I can understand and tells me what I need to worry about.

Cindy from Idaho

Always tried her best to help me with my wounds and infections. Always has a plan in place.

Susan from Alberta

Explains conditions to me so I know when I should worry and what I should ask.

Questions or comments?

Would you like a topic discussed? Let me know!


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If you have a medical emergency, stop reading the internet and call 911 immediately.
People love you!

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