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Urgent Care or ER

Sometimes it is hard to know which place to go and no one wants to sit forever waiting in an ER to be seen, or take up space that someone really sick needs.  Here is a quick list of what should bring you to the ER.
The older you are and the more conditions you have make you more likely to need the ER. 

The easy answer is, if you feel really bad, impending doom or you are unsure, go to the ER.
ER symptoms:

Thoughts of Suicide 
Chest pain

A new weakness in an arm or leg
Facial droop
Word finding difficulty or slurred speech 
Cannot walk
Fevers or shaking chills you cannot control (rigors)
Speeding heart making you short of breath
Extreme shortness of breath
Blue lips with shortness of breath
A broken hip
No urine in a few days
Neck stiffness with a fever
Any alteration in consciousness
Pain that is "tearing" from your stomach to your back
Blood coming from the bowels (blood on the outside of poo is usually not an emergency)
Any uncontrolled bleeding

New pain in the chest when you breath, sometimes with a new swollen leg
When your doctor tells you to go to the ER

Most common Urgent Care issues:

Upper respiratory infection or bronchitis - cough, fever
Urinary tract infection
Needing stiches
Ear aches
Toothaches (or a dentist)
poisonings (diarrhea)
Broken bones
Kidney stones
Sinus infections

If you have a medical emergency, stop reading the internet and call 911 immediately.
People love you!

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